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Only 10% of eclipses are felt the month prior to the eclipses, but it does happen, If you are on my app (Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone by Susan Miller on.

Brant Shyp of Folys Pynson f. Holland tr. Pliny Hist. World II. Moryson Itinerary ii. Orrery Parthenissa V. Baxter Catholick Theol. Berkeley Alciphron I. Foote Maid of Bath i. Southey Lett. Fitzgerald Euphranor 67 No doubt he took his glass with the rest. Jowett tr. Plato Dialogues ed. Morley Milton He died at Spa, where he was taking the waters, in September To expose oneself to air so as to inhale it or get the physical benefit of it; chiefly in phr. So to take a bath , to bathe, esp.

Cuthbert l. Barbour Bruce St. Barnfield Affectionate Shepheard i. Biv, Abroad into the fields to take fresh ayre. Addison Spectator No. Sheridan School for Scandal ii. July 7 The English people hurry forth to take the morning air. To bring, receive, or adopt a person into some relation to oneself e. Burroughes Expos. Hosea If God takes them to mercy we must be ready willingly to take them into brotherly society. Bentivoglio Compl. Warrs Flanders 54 Being then tane into pay by the Princes.

Payne Old Eng. Peacock Narcissa Brendon I. Adultery 63 in Horstm. Jason That they sholde take eche other by mariage. Daus tr. Sleidane Commentaries f. Burnet Contin. Varillas's Hist. Heresies 77 He professed himself a Lutheran, and took a Wife. Smollett Humphry Clinker II. To possess sexually. Lawrence Rainbow i. Lawrence Rainbow viii. Huxley Brief Candles She kissed him again.

Murdoch Unofficial Rose xiii. Allbeury Lantern Network viii. To transfer by one's own direct act a thing into one's possession or keeping; to appropriate; to enter into possession or use of. See also to take in possession at possession n. John x. Cruise Digest Laws Eng. Real Prop. Morris took any estate under this appointment. To take possession; spec. Perkins Profitable Bk. Ward Wooden World Dissected 33 But if he gives, he takes too sometimes.

Real Property VI. To secure beforehand by payment or contract; e. Indies iv. Bertie in 12th Rep. Royal Comm. MSS App. Town 8, I have within these few days taken a Lodging. Cummins Voy. To get or procure regularly by payment something offered to the public, as a periodical, a commodity. See also to take in at Phrasal verbs 1. Wray in Antiquary 32 May the 28 we begun to take milke of Ann Smith for a halfe penneworth of the day. Woodforde Diary 6 Jan. De Morgan Let.

Graves Life Sir W. Hamilton III. To assume a form, nature, character, name, or other attribute ; sometimes, to assume the part or character of. Langley tr. Vergil Abridgem. Notable Worke ii. Common Prayer Collect Christmas Day, Almyghtye God, whiche haste geuen us thy onlye begotten sonne to take our nature upon hym.

Virgil Georgics iv, in tr. Virgil Wks. To adopt a law or custom ; to undertake or begin to follow or observe. Duke Huon of Burdeux —7 xlv. To assume, adopt a symbol or badge, or something connected with and denoting a function : in phrases having specific meanings, as: to take the crown , to take the throne , to assume sovereignty; to take the habit , to become a monk; to take the gown , to become a clergyman; to take the ball at cricket , to assume the position of bowler; to take an oar , to begin to row. See also cross n. Mannyng Chron. Bernard in Horstm. Camden Remaines i.

Potter Virtuous Villagers II. To assume, charge oneself with, undertake a function, responsibility, etc. See also take charge vb. Kinglake Invasion of Crimea I. Tout Hist. Lane-Poole Barbary Corsairs i. Turner Select. Burnet Hist. Own Time I. Times 22 Jan. Vermandel Last seen in Samarra xx. Brill Teamsters Pl. Weever Anc. To charge oneself with, undertake an office, duty, or responsibility ; to make oneself responsible for. In quot. As for his lyff I will apon me tak. Duke Huon of Burdeux —7 xliii. Picton City of Liverpool: Select. Hughes's taking upon him the office of Mayor. With inf. To undertake; to assume the right, presume, make bold to do something.

Foure Sonnes of Aymon xxii. Defoe Mem. Hallam Introd. Europe I. Gataker Vindic. To affect, feign, pretend, make believe, to do something. Buchanan Detectioun Marie Quene of Scottes sig. To assume authority or importance; sometimes in good sense, to behave bravely or valiantly quot. Morton New Eng. Canaan iii. Defoe Capt. Singleton , I found it was time to take upon me a little. See See also to take part at part n.

Micklethwaite Mod. Linskill Lost Son iv. The canon who was taking residence that day. Moyes Who saw her Die? Sims End of Web i. Might be a friend I was trying to contact this morning. MacLeod Luck runs Out iv. Wolsey in F. Duke Huon of Burdeux —7 lxxxiii. Tourneur Transformed Metamorph.

C6v, But knight beleeue me, I haue t'ane much toile. Liddon et al. Life Pusey I. To adopt as one's own a part or side in a contest, controversy, etc. Justinus Hist. Haywood Hist. Betsy Thoughtless II. Hunt Indicator No. See also to take with —— 4 at Phrasal verbs 2. Foote Lame Lover ii. To assume as if one's own, to appropriate or arrogate to oneself credit, etc.

Froissart Chron. Fletcher Phylaster i. Felltham Resolves: 2nd Cent. Rogers Hist. Gleanings 2nd Ser. Of a word, clause, or sentence: To have by right or usage, either as part of itself or with it in construction a particular inflexion, accent, case, mood, etc. Blomfield tr. Kennedy Public School Lat. Chandler Greek Accent. Pregnant senses related to III. To pick out from a number: either by chance, at random; or with intention, to select, choose. And Jonathas is taken. So Ionathas was taken.

Fletcher Two Noble Kinsmen ii. Not yet Sir. Francis tr. Horace Satires i. Boswell Life Johnson anno I. To adopt or choose in order to use in some way; to adopt in some capacity const. See also take day vb.

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Phrases 2a, measure n. Paston in Paston Lett. III c. Norton tr. Calvin Inst. Christian Relig. Fulke Heskins Parl. Repealed in D. Heskins Ouerthrowne He taketh times and occasions at his pleasure. Chardin Coronation Solyman in Trav. Ramsay Bonny Chirsty iv, He wisely this white minute took, And flang his arms about her. Waddington in Lardner's Wks. Hayward Seventeen Serm. Howells Ital. Journeys We raised our sail, and took the gale that blew for Capri. To take into use, to use, have recourse to one's hands, a tool, weapon, etc.

Sometimes with mixture of sense Sterne Sentimental Journey II. Stevenson Black Arrow iv. To take into use or employment, to have recourse to as a means of progression a vehicle, ship, horse, one's limbs, etc. Often without article, as to take boat , to take coach , to take ship , etc. Wolley tr. Lyttelton in Hatton Corr. Defoe Hist. Jack ed. To gain the aid or help of a place by betaking oneself to it; to gain, reach, repair to, go into, enter esp.

Often in special phrases: see field n. Wace Rolls Hauene he tok at Porcestre. Windsor in Paston Lett. VIII c. Stapleton tr. Bede Hist. Church Eng. Privy Council Scotl. Rowlands Night-raven 12 A cruell Beare, which forc'd him take a tree. Burton Falconry in Valley of Indus v. Stanley Hist. Abbey v. Stevenson in Encycl. To adopt and enter upon a road, way, path, course, etc.

See also course n. Barbour Bruce Adv. Douglas tr. Duke Huon of Burdeux —7 xxi. Virgil Georgics iii, in tr. Hallam Constit. Layne in J. Smith Gen. Virginia i. Rome: Marcus vi. Lockhart Mem. Messenger ii. Hughes Scouring of White Horse vi. She took and died inside of three months. See also to take at advantage at advantage n. Phrases 3c, take it easy easy adv. Harington New Disc. Aiax Prol. B4v, He will take a weake man at the vauntage. Erasmus Colloq. Manley Power of Love v.

Man iv. Bracken Farriery Improved xx. Jefferson Writings IV. To use, deal with, or treat a name or word in some way. To proceed to deal with mentally; to consider; to reckon. So to take into or under consideration , to proceed to consider see consideration n. See also to take together at Phrasal verbs 1. Puttenham Arte Eng. Poesie iii. Sibbes Heavenly Conf.

Horsley Fool II. Brande Man. To confront, attack; to overcome, defeat; to kill.

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Perry in A. Hitchcock Stories for Late at Night Let's take him. Fleming Man with Golden Gun vii. Bercovici Wolf Trap 41 The man who tried to take me was Martinez. To proceed to occupy, enter on the occupation of a place or position, lit. See also chair n. Bochas Fall of Princes ix. To use, occupy, use up, consume so much material, space, time, energy, activity, etc. Hence colloq. Lindsay Hist. Fiennes Diary At ye ffeete of the bed that tooke ye Length of the roome.

Chambers Cycl. Lime, Lime-stone generally takes sixty hours in burning. Cowper Let. Burney Camilla II. I am not in any haste. Glenny Gardener's Everyday Bk. Observer 7 Oct. Yeats Land of Heart's Desire ed. Higgins Langrishe, go Down iii. A person is said to take a particular size in gloves, boots, collars, etc. Marryat Blood of Vampire ii, [She] informed me the other day that her Mamma took nines in gloves. Baldwin Innocent Bystander ix. Laski Love on Supertax iv. Davin For Rest of Lives The cheap verses had everything it takes to make a soldier's song. Holiday Lady sings Blues iv.

But we did. If we didn't have what it took at the beginning, we picked it up along the way. Wambaugh Blue Knight xiii. Phrases 4j. The Abbess took the word. Celebrity Reg.

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They took it from there. Wodehouse Jeeves in Offing xix. We take it from there. Luard Travelling Horseman vi. To obtain from a source, to derive.

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See also ensample n. To haf mercy of synful men Ensaumple at him he toke. Fortescue Governance of Eng. Bale Brefe Chron. Syr J. Oldcastell in Harl. Goldsmith Vicar of Wakefield I. To obtain from its natural source e. Washington tr. Webbe Disc. Poetrie sig. Bloome Bk. Five Collumnes Archit. Jones Ess. Macaulay Hist. To infer, deduce; to obtain as a result.

To get as a result or product by some special process. To get information, evidence, etc. Stocker tr. Tragicall Hist. Ciuile Warres Lowe Countries i. Blackstone Comm. Laws Eng. Edgeworth Harrington ii. Cox Inst. To get or ascertain by measurement or scientific observation; also transf. See also measure n. Henryson tr. Gosson Schoole of Abuse f. Phillip tr. Indies i. Massinger Virgin Martir iii. G3v, Misery taking the length of my foote, it bootes not me to sue for life.

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Butler Hudibras i. Collier Ess. Moral Subj. Trafalgar xviii. Nursing ed. The weather was too cloudy to take any observations.

To measure off a length or distance. Barrow Euclide's Elements i. Sturmy Mariners Mag. Brewster Treat. Optics iv. To obtain in writing, write down, make notes, a copy, etc. Also in phr. Cogan tr. Pinto Voy. Rushworth, the Clerk, whom he observed to take his speech in character. Shorthand p. Chalmers Local Govt. Paget Mem. Sir J. Paget ed. Tennant Ride on Stranger x.

To obtain by drawing, delineating, etc.

Also colloq. Hollis in Lett. Goldsmith Vicar of Wakefield new ed. Thrale Observ. Journey France I. Reeve Narr. Walking Tour Brittany 48 Mr. Taylor took the view three times before he quite satisfied himself as to the quality of the negative. We recommend buying a package. Customer care enquiries: Higher rate for calls from payphones and mobile phones. Terms and conditions apply. SP: www. Your psychic email reading aims to answer specific questions as well as giving you a general overview of what is going on around you empowering you to follow your own wisdom and intuition.

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