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Only 10% of eclipses are felt the month prior to the eclipses, but it does happen, If you are on my app (Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone by Susan Miller on.

I am not exaggerating, nor am I flattering you. I think I should calligraph these in my favorite purple pen and hang it up somewhere on my studio wall. Say what you will about horoscopes, but I will not bash anything that encourages positivity and self-confidence. They are a great reminder to be grateful for positive energy when it blows your way.

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As you threaten to break your promises to yourself, I'm afraid I've been forced to resort to some rough stuff. Stop reading NOW if you're too sensitive to hear the truth. Hey saboteur, what were you thinking when you started flirting with self-betrayal? Get your nervy self-respect back on-line -- and ditch the martyr act -- before I give you a psychic spanking. Halloween costume suggestion: you and your evil twin as Siamese twins.

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She works from itchy intuition, trying to be sensitive but not obsessive. It's uncomfortable. She feels lost and empty and irritated. Gradually she picks up speed and ideas start to coalesce. She sets herself a deadline. For days or even weeks, she goes about the drudge work of collecting raw materials.

Finally, out of nowhere, inspiration crackles.

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It's like the moment a tornado touches down on the ground. Flurries of synchronicities snap around her.

She's a cosmic energy vortex. She can't fathom why cars don't swerve off the road near her house and end up in a pile in the yard. I offer you this description, Cancerian, because you're in the midst of a similar unfolding. Halloween costume idea: a pregnant artist. LEO July Aug. To prepare for your descent, make sure you pack a lunch -- well, better make that about 18 to 20 lunches -- as well as a helmet with a high-beam flashlight attached.

Also, don't forget to take cookies to feed the monsters.

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Remember that they're as scared of you as you are of them. Besides, some of them may be quite interesting and helpful.

Halloween costume suggestions: deep-sea diver, coal miner, mole, Sigmund Freud, underworld deities Pluto or Persephone. In the hope of infusing bureaucratic necessity with lyrical grace, he rendered the entire civil code of his country, consisting of almost 23, sections, into an epic poem. I won't try to stop you -- in fact I may even encourage you -- if you attempt a briefer version of this weird miracle in the coming days, Virgo.

But please don't sign up to be obsessed for any more than three weeks' duty. Halloween costume suggestion: Make yourself into a giant medical textbook whose cover is decorated with a print of a Matisse painting. Inflamed with faith in the value of their products, they paddle their canoes down piranha-infested tributaries in degree heat to hawk lipstick and eye shadow to women who have previously been deprived of modern cosmetics.

I pray that in the coming weeks you will summon an equal passion for promoting the beautiful things you believe in. Halloween costume suggestion: Avon lady in the Amazon. Some mystics harness their pineal glands to provide the spiritual equivalent of this innate sense of direction. It serves up a plate of hard-fought facts and places the burden of opinion and cognition on the reader. This is your chance to become part of something big — a piece of a publication that forces leaders to leadership, provokes humans toward humanity, and transforms unseeing citizens into enlightened members of a community.

The type that makes its readers think, and see, and feel, but never tells them how. We are WELD. We believe in true journalism. And we believe you do too. Join us as we rewrite what true journalism can be. Rob Brezsny is the author of the nationally-syndicated Free Will Astrology , which has run in various newspapers for almost 30 years.

insiotucompseava.tk Do you have any techniques for accomplishing that — either through yoga or any other techniques? This would be a good year to redouble your commitment to that work. In the coming months, the world will just keep increasing its output of trivial, energy-wasting temptations.

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This is the year you can transcend stale traditions, Taurus — a time when you can escape your outworn habits, reprogram your conditioned responses, and dissolve old karma. You will be getting unparalleled opportunities to render the past irrelevant. And the key to unlocking all the magic will be your freewheeling yet highly disciplined imagination. Call on it often to show you the way toward the future. You will encounter more things that are dull than are interesting, but those few that fascinate you will awaken an intense focus that allows you to see into the heart of reality.